Suunto Men’s D9 Diving without Transmitter Watch SS011195300

Suunto Men's D9 Diving without Transmitter Watch SS011195300

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Product Description

Suunto D9 is a highly advanced all-in-one dive computer. It combines all dive-critical information – such as depth, time, tank pressure, decompression status and direction – in one instrument, conveniently mounted on your wrist.

Wireless air integration
With optional wireless air integration, Suunto D9 allows you to monitor tank pressure and air consumption from your wrist. Tank pressure is displayed both numerically and graphically, and an estimation of the remaining air time is given throughout the dive.

Digital navigation
Suunto D9 displays a graphical representation of a compass rose. The rose displays the cardinal and half cardinal points, and the current bearing is also displayed numerically. A bearing can be locked to help you follow a selected course, and directional arrows point towards the locked bearing.

Multi-mode versatility
Suunto D9 has three dive modes. The Air mode is used for diving with standard air, the Nitrox mode for up to three nitrox mixes, and the Gauge mode for use as a bottom timer.

When in Nitrox mode, you can accelerate decompression by switching to a gas mix with a higher oxygen percentage. You can preset three different gas mixes (with between 21% and 99% oxygen) and set PO2 values for each individual gas. While diving, it's quick and easy to switch between enabled gas mixes.

In the Gauge mode, Suunto D9 works as a bottom timer and also provides accurate profile sampling and bookmarking functions. A dive timer with a reset function displays the dive time in minutes and seconds. This is extremely useful for timing accurate bottom times and decompression stops.

Flexible decompression
Using the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM algorithm, Suunto D9 enables continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. For deeper dives, the Deep Stop option adds further protection with a series of deep stops between your maximum depth and ceili


  • Suunto D9 Diving without Transmitter Collection
  • Case Diameter - 49 MM